How To Sew a Ruffle Cushion

150 quid for a cushion?! I can make it for less!

OK so before we go any further I will confess that I do have a degree in Interior Design AND I can sew, so of course I’m going to see a super high end brand cushion and replicate it for a fraction of the price. But honestly Anthropologie, you do not need to charge that much. Through my research I did find some more boutique brands which are making these cushions but they are still asking £50 each. Imagine having to buy 6 for your sofas! That’s. A. Lot.

In terms of fabrics, I am seeing a lot of velvet, a lot of gingham, a lot of bold stripes and some satin too. Lucky for me I have satins, ginghams and a few bold prints in my stash which I can sew up easily (and cheaply). But the overwhelming trend with all of these cushions are the ruffles, which really conveniently I am OBSESSED with at the moment!

I wanted to get a few pastel pink cushions which I achieved by dying some brushed cotton and then I made the most of the fat quarters that I had in my stash already. The duchess satin DOES NOT gather well so I had to pleat that instead of traditional ruffling but I think the overall look was still cute. I made the opening an envelope style opening because they are just so easy. I would really recommend making a cushion if you are new to sewing, they only take one or two pieces of fabric and minimal sewing!!

The size of the cushions were dictated by the fat quarters really so all of them were 45cm x 45cm. Here’s everything I used to sew these DIY ruffle cushions:

You can follow the step by step instructions on my YouTube channel and save yourself a fortune on home decor too!

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