Honeydew Patterns Smock Dress Review

It’s Christmas I need an outfit, so obviously this smock dress had my name all over it!

I have thrifted this bed sheet which has a really cute candy cane design on one side and some little elves on the other, and writing that says Ho Ho Ho (lucky for me they spelt it right otherwise wearing a dress saying Hoe hoe hoe doesn’t give off the same Christmassy “vibe”) and it was only £4! That’s a bargain right?! I’m wondering if for my 2024 plan I should just make all my clothes out of bed sheets because it’s so much cheaper.

The pattern that I’m going to be using is the honeydew smock dress pattern which is like a little tiered number with a v-neck, I talked about it in one of my previous videos plus it was in the Etsy sale and so I just had to grab it. The pattern itself looks really really easy I think I’m going to make this up in a matter of hours maybe two hours I would say.

To be honest I’m a little over gathering rn. It seems like everything I’ve been making has gathers because they’ve all had Ruffles on them and I love a ruffle… I just don’t love Gathering at the moment. The other thing that’s making me anxious about this dress is that there’s no darts in the bodice so I’m wondering whether it’s going to be like a cool funky fit like loose and flowy or whether I’m going to feel like I’m wearing a sack… we’ll find out!!!


What I LOVED about this dress is that it was so much fun for a night out. I wore it to karaoke and I mean I definitely stood out in the room!! The pattern the instructions were really really super simple they were straightforward. The only thing I will say is the sleeves the sleeves were a bit of a deal so where you had to gather it it didn’t say how much to gather it by and then when I tried to put them in it wasn’t enough so I took them out, gathered it a little bit more still wasn’t enough so I would say that the sleeves are a little bit too big as in they’ve got too much volume if they had a bit less volume and you gathered it all together as well then they would sit really nicely.

Another thing worth mentioning, the sizing. So I made an extra large which just fits perfectly and I’m like a normally like a size UK 12 to 14. I looked through the reviews for the Honeydew Smock Dress pattern and several others have added extra tiers onto the bottom, that’s becasue it is on the short side! The only thing that I would say is like do your measurements ladies, do your measurements.

On the whole, I would give the Honeydew Smock Dress pattern an 8/10. Straightforward instructions, simple to put together and a pretty finish. I’ve learnt some lessons for next time because I’m definitely making some more of these. They’re brilliant!

Big hugs, Phili -x-


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