Valentines Crafts and Decor To Make and Buy

Love is in the air! OK so maybe it’s the smell of a Christmas hangover and a January that has gone on FOREVER that’s hanging in the air, but I do not care, I will celebrate ANYTHING if it brings me a little bit of joy in these grey winter months. Make something for your partner, your kids, your pet, heck yourself and get into the mood for love (said in a “late night love” voice, if you are too young to know what late night love is then… I envy your youth).

If you’ve always wanted to get crafty but never found the occasion, now is it! Nothing says I love you (or makes you feel loved) like a handmade gift. Just thinking about how much time and effort goes into searching for patterns, shopping for materials and then making the actual gift just goes to show how much you care. So without further ado, here is a list of gifts and ideas that you could make or use to decorate your home to share the love!

Handmade Valentines Decor

Don’t get me wrong I love a gift (preferably small and sparkly thank you Mr C&C) but there is something very special about decorating your home or workspace for Valentines too. Here is a selection of crafts from papercraft to crochet which can be utilised to create stunning valentines décor for your home.

DIY Paper Heart Garland

This super simple DIY Paper Heart Garland by Vicky Barone has both a tutorial and a printable for you to follow along and make your own garland to decorate your home for valentines day.

Valentines Day Tree

This gorgeous heart branch tree will brighten up any room. Check out the full details from The House That Lars Built.

Paper Strip Hearts

These heart strips are super simple to make but really effective, especially if you scale up! Check out the tutorial by The Crafty Blog Stalker here.

Handmade Valentines Gifts

Whether you have someone special in your life that you want to make for or whether you just want to make something for yourself, which is totally OK by the way, there is a whole host of ideas for you to make right here. These handmade valentines gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face. I particularly like making things for the kids lunchboxes on Valentines Day because I’m that kinda cringey Mum…. The 18 year old hates it 😉

3D Paper Heart Chocolate Box

Who doesn’t love chocolates for valentines day?! This free printable template and full instructions will help you provide a beautiful box for those scrummy chocs.

Crochet Heart Cushions

If you like crochet then you are going to love these cushions. They can be personalised and adapted with different colour schemes too. They’d be the perfect addition to a tweens bedroom too. Find the free pattern here.

Amigurumi Heart Wands

One for the kids, these amigurumi wands will be really easy to make up and the kids will love them, ok and a few grown ups too! Find the free crochet pattern for these Amigurumi Hearts at the Lille Liis Blog here.

Unique Valentines Gifts to Buy

OK so not all of us have the creative talent or the time to make handmade gifts, but thankfully there is a whole community of creatives out there that will make something beautiful on your behalf! Here is a selection of unique valentines gifts that have been handmade and lovingly curated especially for Valentines Day.

Personalised Name Necklace

These necklaces are so gorgeous and definitely something that’s on my wishlist! Made by an indie seller, take a look at Anya Shop Studio here.

Glass Pocket Hearts

These little hearts are made from glass and designed to go into your pocket or bags. They have been lovingly handmade by or you can purchase them here.

I Love You More Metal Cards but says it all, these cards are engraved to your specification and are small enough that they can fit into any purse or wallet. They are handmade by Drifting Ducks and can be purchased here.

If this list has given you the bug to get creative then go for it! The beauty of making for loved one’s is that they will appreciate whatever you make, so try not to strive for perfect, just go for effort and the rest will be evident. Good luck with your makes and whether you’re celebrating Valentines Day with loved ones or giving yourself some much needed self care, we’re sending you great big virtual hugs.

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