Valentines Thrift Flips – Sewing A Valentines Dress

A few weeks ago I managed to nab this great bundle of bedsheets and curtains from Vinted for only a tenner. Knowing that Valentines Day was coming up, I had to make something special! So I though I would thrift flip these items into some garments.

A few hits and a miss in this project, but it’s all about learning when it comes to sewing right?! I think that using a different fabric next time I sew the wide legged trousers (see below for the link to the pattern) will make a big difference. Maybe a viscose or a cotton lawn will sew up more nicely and give me the drape I need.

The Pattern Emporium Field of Dreams dress is a really great beginner sewing project, I’d highly recommend taking a look at all of their patterns. They go through the whole sewing assembly process and every pattern has a video of the different variations. They. Are. FAB!!!

Also check out Hobbycraft and their Easter bits. I’ll be going back and doing a full walk round and haul video in a few weeks but do check your local Hobbycraft for their Easter craft range too. Those fat quarters were to die for!!

Check out the sewing patterns from this project here:

Pattern Emporium Field of Dreams Dress…

New Look 6289 Wide Legged Trouser Sewing Pattern:

McCalls M8180 Blouse Sewing Pattern:

Similar Fabric To The One’s Used In This Video: Gingham Heart Fabric:

Heart Polycotton Fabric:

Heart Cotton Poplin Fabric:

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