Sewing A Detachable Collar + FREE PATTERN

Can we just take a moment for the collar….

I am obsessed! Do you not just love this detachable collar?! Don’t be fooled, even though it looks like it’s an easy quick job it’s not! These ruffles took over an hour to gather!

If you want to have a go at making one of these oversized detachable collars then the pattern that you’re going to need is the Tilly and the buttons detachable oversized collar pattern; it’s a free pattern free (don’t we love a free pattern?) so it means that you don’t have to spend anything and because you don’t need that much fabric, you can use fat quarters or use up your scraps to make something gorgeous!

Detachable collar from Etsy

I have had a couple of comments on my collars when I’m wearing them in public, one being is “giving Pilgrim Vibes”, the other one is others saying they’re not sure they could rock that and that’s okay, they’re not everyone. It’s completely up to you whether you want to do a nice plain one like in white which would look really nice just to add an accent to your outfit. Or a black one if you’re going out just to add a little bit of ruffle on top of like a black shirt or something. Even my kids are loving them and want me to make them some too.

DOWNLOAD THE FREE PATTERN HERE – Tilly And The Buttons Oversized Detachable Collar Pattern

MY THOUGHTS: So These bad boys took about 45 mins to an hour to make which I think is pretty good going. I would say you need to pick your materials carefully because I tried to do a ruffle with a thicker cotton and the threads kept snapping so if you’re going to make one stick to the lighter fabrics.

I am so obsessed I am going to make HUNDREDS of different colours and sizes of these detachable collars and wear them with everything!!!!

Big hugs, Phili -x-

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