Unboxing a Temu Yarn Haul

Squishy post from Temu!!!!! Yes that’s right, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to order some wool from Temu. Let’s unbox it together and see what it’s like.

I looked through what cheap yarns Temu had to offer and placed an order. Then I thought I would work each of them up into like little swatches and we can see whether they are worth the money.

Temu the brand; I don’t know where it has come from I think it’s like wish but re-imagined but they are just massive! All the stuff comes from China so you’re going to assume that it’s not great quality but I’m quietly hopeful that there are some good quality items in my haul (I mean, otherwise it would have been a complete waste of money!!). Obviously there are times when people are strapped for cash and cheaper craft items are the only option. I am always down for a bargain!


I bought a mixture of different yarns including Glow in the dark yarn, chennile yarn, t shirt yarn and sock wool. Check out the video below for the full details on how these yarns turned out and which one’s I’ll be buying again (spoiler alert, it is not the glow in the dark one).

Overall I was pleased with the quality of the cheap yarns from Temu but I wouldn’t say that I was all too happy with the size of the balls. Lots of the products didn’t have ball weights on them and others were suspiciously light which made for a disappointing yarn unboxing experience. What have you bought from Temu that you’ve been happy with? Maybe you’ve knitted or crocheted a project with Temu yarns? Let me know in the comments below.

Big hugs, Phili -x-x

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