FREE Christmas Decoration Cross Stitch Pattern

Hi everybody, who would love one of these on their Christmas tree?! Honestly I am in love they are so gorgeous and I made loads of them. There are five to choose from; number one is peace, number two is Joy, number three a little star, number four an angel, and number five a little ombre version of the angel

I love them! So these little things are decorations for the Christmas tree I have made them myself not just cross stitched them but made the pattern as well and I’m going to let you guys have the all the patterns for free!!

I know what you’re were thinking; “Phili you’re so generous” 😉 I’m not that generous I’m just generous to you guys cuz you’re all awesome and you follow me and you watch me and you subscribe and you comment on my videos and I love you I absolutely love you!

So let me rewind it a little bit I decided last year I think to make some of these cross stitch patterns but I just never got around to stitching them out. So I thought “I’ve got all the stuff in the cupboards I will make them this year”

Cross Stitching Materials You’ll Need:

  • 14 count aida
  • 3 inch embroidery hoop
  • cross stitching needle
  • DMC threads
  • A small amount of ribbon
  • The free Cross Stitch Patterns (you can download the PDF further down the post).

The cross stitch patterns are completely free and they are for all my subscribers and all my followers and everyone who watches my videos and reads my blog posts because honestly it makes such a difference to my day when I come online and I see comments “like your enthusiasm is infectious” or “I love your energy ” and stuff like that. I just want to give back because I think you guys are so awesome and so special so thank you so much, this is my Christmas gift to you guys

I’ve been trying to do some embroidery and stuff and honestly I don’t know if I’m just a cross stitch girl at heart or whether I just need to practice embroidery more. Like I love the idea of embroidery and I think that some of the patterns come out a lot prettier but I just love me a cross stitch let me know in the comments below whether you prefer embroidery or whether you prefer cross stitch.

I would say each of these Christmas cross stitch Baubles took me about half an hour each with the Ombre one, well that took a couple of hours because of changing all the threads and following the pattern more closely.

DOWNLOAD HERE>>>FREE Christmas Decoration Cross Stitch Patterns Downloadable PDF<<< DOWNLOAD HERE

So let me know when you make yours up which you prefer and whether you prefer the look of the Ombre ones or the look of the plain ones and whether you prefer embroidery or cross stitch. Thank you for all of your support over 2023!

Big hugs, Phili -x-

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